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Oh wow, this was absolutely amazing Ally! I am writing this from my parents flat back in Slovakia, luckily they are both alive and relatively well, but both had some form of cancer that is under control or at least that's how I understand what they say, though I know eventually they will die, unless of course I die first and I'm not sure which I'm terrified most. Strangely, your writing makes me feel peace. I can't describe it, but recently I've been pondering and I have a few writers who are my absolute favourites, Erin Hanson, Nikita Gill, Sarah Manguso, Amy Dressner and I think this is obvious, you. I guess even if your goal isn't to write any manual how to feel happier in life because let's be honest, happiness is so fleeting, but what you always manage to do is make me feel alive and grateful. Of course I know the day my mum or dad die my heart will know heartbreak it never experienced and I suspect I'll be a wreck, but at the very least I'll have some recollection of your story and perhaps that's enough for a start. I wish you and your beloved all the best, always. Namaste xo

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Thank you so much for your beautiful comments, Peter. I’m glad you’re enjoying time spent with your parents and happy they are well. It’s very gratifying to think that my writing is a comfort to you, and I’m sending hugs and love across the ethers 🤍

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